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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let's Call It "Exceeding Medical Expectations"...Just Cuz We Can!

Yesterday was my regular prenatal with my midwife. I'm twenty eight weeks along and ready to start going every two weeks now...crazy! It makes me sad that I won't be having the birth that every other mom who she sees will. Course, though I may not be having their births, I'll be having MY baby - and she is the most special of them all ( :
   Are you wondering what it is that I'm so ready to call "Against Medical Expectations"? Well!!! She grew!  It may be a small victory, but a victory of any kind is a lovely change of pace in my weary eyes. Since my last regular appointment, my fundal height has shot up a beautiful 5 centimeters.  How awesome is that? Sure, she's still smaller than she should be - I'm measuring 24 weeks only - but when the doctor said that she wasn't able to grow because her heart couldn't get blood to her body, well it puts a smile on a face that has been downcast for to long! And there is some feeling of empowerment at the thought that maybe all these crazy remedies I've been putting so much into  are working! Resting in bed, chugging stevia tea and coconut milk? I'm sure if my doctor only knew, he'd be raising his eyebrows asking himself where in the world these crazy home birth people get their ideas! Love it!!

    As my hope grows, it has manifested itself in the initiation of possibly going through all of this at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. CHOP, as they call it, (oh, how I despise that nickname!) is supposed to be the 2nd best hospital in the country for this sort of complication. I don't think I could live with myself if I didn't do the best I could in every way for my little girl. Going to PA for all of this sounds like a huge pain in the neck (especially with Paul's job....) but how could we not seek the best care that we can? I made the necessary calls and records will be faxed shortly for the Pediatric Cardiologists at CHOP to look over and let me know what they think.

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