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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pre-appointment Rambligs

    Well, tomorrow I see Doctor T again. It's been three weeks since my last appointment, the one that he sadly reiterated to me that things still looked the same - very low fluid means that the little lungs cannot develop, so she probably won't even make it to term. It was just a few days later that I decided to take this bull by the horns with my own bare hands. I'm not letting things just slide because someone says that an ultrasound shows little or no hope! There is more detail on that appointment in a previous entry.
      Anyways, I'm rather nervous about tomorrow's appointment! I feel pretty sure that things have improved despite the sucky prognosis. Remember I said before that my fundal height shot ahead in these past few weeks? I'm sincerely hoping that what I'm doing is working and the fluid levels have gone up. I feel like I'm getting ready for finals or something, the way I'm "cramming". You shoulda seen my grocery run today! I filled my shopping basket with coconut water and pedialyte (a slightly cheaper method of getting electrolytes), oh and clams for my low iron.  That was it: coconut water, pedialyte, clams. I'm pretty sure the check out guy was able to confirm every myth he has heard about pregnant women consuming only the strangest assortment of foods!
    I guess there is not much to say. I'm just nervous and excited. I know I keep holding out hope for the "next" appointment for a good reason! One of these appointments we'll hear encouraging news! Please, please, please send up a prayer tonight for this very special intention! Bombard the Heavens until He can resist the pleas of His children no more! Check back soon to find out how you're prayers have been answered.


  1. Prayers here, for sure.

    And I'm laughing about what you said about the check-out guy wondering what on earth?!


  2. I will be praying hard for you and your sweet girl. Sending lots of positive energy and thoughts your way!

  3. Ill be praying for good news and watching for an update!